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Medical Pedicure

A medical pedicure is broadly certified and we can handle in addition to the regular pedicures, all known risk feet. These may have arisen as a result of rheumatism, diabetes, spasticity, old age and less care.

So it is possible that a diabetic person gets calcification at the ends of the blood vessels of the feet. This hinders the blood flow and healing a wound gets delayed. It is therefore necessary that a diabetic client is properly checked up and get a good foot care.

A client with arthritis may develop by inflammation of the joints, deformations in the feet. You can think of:

  • • applying nail prostheses
  • • performing nail repairs with acrylic and / or gel
  • • placing nail brackets
  • • remove pressure by applying felt or placing orthesis
  • • special treatment of fungal nail

As medical pedicure we are members of the organization for the pedicure called ProVoet. In addition, we are listed in the Quality Register for Pedicures (KRP) and we work according to the code of the pedicurists HoofdbedrijfschapAmbachten (HBA).

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