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Manicure and Spa Manicure

This is something you should not forget about your hands. Your nails and cuticles are fully taken care of. Disinfection, nail polish removal, filing, cuticle cleansing, hand bath, exfoliation, cuticles push back, applying hand cream, colorless nail polish. The manicure treatment can also be expanded with a nourishing warm hand / nail oil, a luxurious hand / manicure scrub treatment, glossy and shiny hand mask and a wonderful hand massage. For the real enthusiast manicure treatment can be extended with a nourishing paraffin bath.

Artificial nails: Acryl and Gel

Are you unsatisfied with your nails? For example, to longer and stronger nails are artificial nails than an option. We have both acrylic nails gel nails all of the CND and OPI brand. Acryl is a powder which is mixed with a liquid. As a result, a chemical reaction to occur that the acryl powder is a malleable bead. This product is applied with a brush fitted on the spike. The acryl hardens in just a few seconds. Acryl nails are strong, durable and ideal for people biting nails.

Gel is a syrup-like substance which cures under the light of a UV lamp. This treatment is applied a layer of gel on your nail, cured and filed into shape. Gel nails are flexible, transparent and have a nice shine.

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