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Foot refloxolgy

Foot Reflexology is a powerful method that provides one relaxation and new energy. The therapy is based on the principle that these reflex points are connected to the internal organs, tissues and glands in the body. Touch or press a reflex point can therefore affect these organs. Blood flow in the reflex zones is improved by applying pressure sequentially on reflex point or zone and thereby also improves circulation to the corresponding organs. This improves metabolism and stimulates the self-healing ability of the body and organs. Reflexology removes inhibitions, blockades and also raises to activity to energize the body systems. This gives relaxation, which is the first step towards balanced body. Once the balance is restored, you will also be able to return to a normal state and the functioning of the body's organs.

Moreover, foot reflexology stimulates blood circulation removes the wastes from the body. Foot reflexology is not only pleasant, but also a safe method. It can help you with many physical symptoms, relieves pain and brings peace to your mind and body.

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