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Basic Pedicure and Cosmetic Pedicure

Our feet carry us throughout the life. Yet the feet the most neglected part of our body! It is important to take care of our feet and keep them in good condition. Painful symptoms can be prevented by expert advice and professional care.

Basic Pedicure:

    A basic treatment consists of:
  • • Feet disinfection
  • • Briefly toenails cutting
  • • Removing excess calluses on the interfaces of your foot, manually and mechanically
  • • Detachment of the cuticles
  • • Cream application and a short foot massage

Spa Pedicure

  • • Spa pedicure consists of the basic treatment, plus:
  • • Scrubbing feet and lower leg: the removal of dead skin cells (dry and flaky skin), so that skin can absorb the applied cosmetic product
  • • Application cool or warm foot mask: stimulates blood circulation, cleans and nourishes the skin
  • • Foot and lower leg massage
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